#1 Inside Out. "Kids" Movies Have The Best Details In My Opinion

#2 An Important Achievement In Zootopia

#3 In "Up" (2009) The Town Buildings Develop Over The Years

#4 One Of The Kakamora In Moana Is Painted Like Baymax From Big Hero 6

#5 Davy Jones Using His Tentacles To Hold On His Hat When They Were Going Down On Water Is The Kind Of Attention To Details I Like

#6 In The After Credits Scene Of Finding Dory, Jacques' (Cleaner Shrimp's) Bag Is The Cleanest

#7 In Aladdin: During "A Whole New World", While Flying Through Greece, Aladdin Throws An Apple At Jasmine. In Ancient Greece, Throwing An Apple At Someone Was A Way To Propose To Someone

#8 The Pun Names On Judy Hopps' Ipod In Zootopia

#9 In 2017's Beauty & The Beast, After Becoming Human Cogsworth's Mustache Is Uneven Just Like The Hands Of A Clock

#10 In "Cars" The Truck Stop Advertises "Convertible Waitresses". Topless

#11 Sid From Toy Story Is The Garbage Man In Toy Story 3

#12 At The End Of “Frozen”, Disney Included A Statement About Kristoff’s Belief That All Men Eat Their Own Boogers

#13 In Hercules, The Rug That Hercules Throws Over Himself Is Scar From The Lion King

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