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#14 In Toy Story 2, Among Stars You Can Spot Hidden, Classic Pixar Lamp. This Is The Very First Shot Of The Movie

#15 In Monsters Inc, There's This Scene Where You Can Clearly See Jesse From Toy Story Is One Of Boo's Toys

#16 In Moana, A Villager Foreshadows The Chicken's Unsuccessful Attempt To Consume Maui

#17 The Cactus Turns Into A Llama After Yzma Pours Her Drink Into It

#18 As The Force Awakens Was Being Filmed, So Was Spectre In The Same Studio. James Bond Actor A Daniel Craig Decided To Stop By Starwars And Was Given A Cameo. Though You Can't See His Face, You Can Hear Him. "You Will Remove These Restrains And Leave This Cell With The Door Open." "Scavenger Scum"

#19 Jack Sparrow Telling The Bone Bribing Prisoners In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' That The Dog Holding The Cell Keys Is "Never Going To Move" Is An Obvious But Cheeky Reference To The Stationary Audio-Animatronic In The Original Disneyland Dark Ride That Hasn't Moved Since The Attraction Opened In 1967

#20 In Monsters Inc, The Paint On The Edge Of The Scare Floor Bell Is Chipped From Being Hit By The Hammer So Much

#21 In Ratatouille, The Dog Barking At Remy Is Doug From Up

#22 Andy's Handwriting Gets Better As He Ages In Toy Story

#23 That Pixar Touch. The Closing Shot Of Toy Story 3 Recalls The Opening Shot Of Toy Story 1—Andy's Wallpaper

#24 In Wall-E You Can See Auto Slowly Getting Closer To The Camera In Each Portrait, Representing His Gradual Takeover Of The Axiom

#25 In Zootopia, Nick's Handkerchief Was Part Of His Scout Uniform From When He Was A Cub

#26 In The Movie Moana, Even As A Hawk, Maui's Hook Can Be Seen On The Right Wing

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