Like previous Pixar movies, Turning Red also includes Easter eggs appearances of Pixar’s movies. Like the Pizza Planet Truck and Pixar's famous Luxo Ball can always be spotted in the animation studio's films. Easter eggs are the thing to hunt for in any Pixar movie. As always, the hunt is on for TURNING RED Easter eggs and we've included all the ones we've found so far!

#1 The scene where Mei meets her friends at the beginning of the film shows Miriam's skateboard with a cat sticker and Buzz Lightyear’s emblem affixed under it.

#2 Ming makes Mei a delicious breakfast with a smile in it, just like Mushu makes for Mulan.

#3 The Pixar Ball, or the Luxo Ball can be seen from afar in the pool at Tyler’s house party.

#4 When Mei is sketching the boy and she turns around you can see Purl from the Pixar short hanging on the desk.

#5 There's a Finding Nemo sticker in the girl’s bathroom.

#6 When Mei runs to the concert she passes the Pizza Planet Truck, originally featured in Toy Story. The pizza truck was used to make deliveries in the classic animated film and has since made several subtle cameos.

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