As much as I love the Disney princesses you can't deny that they have somewhat unrealistic body proportions.

I realize that they're only animated characters, and that throughout art history humans have always felt the need to exaggerate what we find most attractive. That being said, there is one thing we need to realize - different strokes work for different folks. What you find repulsive will be really attractive to someone else. Which is why I am so happy that the guys over at Curvy Kate have re-drawn the Disney girls with more realistic bodies.

#1 Belle


Little Miss Belle is now sporting a fuller, more curvaceous figure and we think she looks awesome.

#2 Pocahontas


Here is the gorgeous Pocahontas rocking out in Curvy Kate’s best-selling Luxe strapless and showing the world that you can look slammin’ at any shape or size.

#3 Sleeping Beauty


Pretty in pink, Aurora oozes confidence that Prince Philip won’t be able to resist.

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