As we all know, the orbs in Riley's brain house each and every one of her memories. They show a brief image of the moment from Riley's point of view.

They're color coded based on how they make Riley feel, so yellow means happy, blue means sad, purple is fear, red is anger, and green is disgust.

We definitely needed to hit pause to catch some blurred images in the memory orbs, but we totally caught the Pizza Planet truck that we all know and love.

You can't have a Pixar movie without the truck from Toy Story.

Out of the countless orbs that Joy and Sadness pass through in their adventures into Riley's memories, people did happen to notice some images from another Pixar film and thought nothing of it.

Redditor HellotoHorse pointed out how two of the orbs on the shelves were exact images from the opening sequence of Up. One appears to be of Carl and Ellie on their wedding day, and the other is of their house.

Other fans started noticing that those weren't the only orbs from Up. They pointed out that one looked like the scene when Ellie ties up Carl's ties, and now, we can all cry together.

The real question we have is, "Why does Riley have so many memory orbs about Carl and Ellie's life?" Thankfully, the helpful people of Reddit have the answer.

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