1. Why did Snow White get kicked out of Disneyland?

2. Minnie told Mickey she wanted a divorce. He responded: "Are you fucking crazy?!" What did Minnie say?

3. What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?

4. Where is Peter Pan's favorite place to eat out?

5. Why doesn’t Bambi’s friend Thumper make noise during sex?

6. Why did Chip and Dale take Daisy Duck to the hospital?

7. Why was Tigger in the bathroom for so long?

8. Who is Cogsworth's best friend?

9. Why did the Seven Dwarfs go to jail?

10. And, finally, what did Genie say to Aladdin?

11. Why was Anger so furious?

12. What's red and has seven dents in it?

13. What do Disney World and Viagra have in common?

14. What happened after Snow White sat in the bath, feeling happy?

15. What did Cinderella say to her prince?

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