We all know Inside Out was THE best movie of 2015 because of Pixar's innovative storytelling, blah blah Bing Bong blah...

...but low-key/high-key, Riley's dad, appropriately referred to as "Dad" throughout the film, was the REAL reason you enjoyed Inside Out.

Like, hgjfghfhiodhfg;hiofeiwlhfsdhvjhgjfghj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad was cute when Riley was a baby and even looked like a CGI snack with a beanie on his head, which no actual human can do...

...BUT SISTREN, when the movie arrives at present day, Dad is A M-A-N-W-H-O-C-A-N-T-U-R-N-M-E-I-N-S-I-D-E-O-U-T.


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