Word on the street is, Disney is having a hard time finding someone to play the role of Aladdin in its upcoming live-action production.

1. Avan Jogia

The Canadian actor is well-known for his role as Beck Oliver in Victorious and Danny Desai in Twisted. I'm not sure if he can sing, but at least we know he can act!

2. Azhar S.

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This South African model can rub my genie bottle any day.

3. Shekib Samimi

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Shekib is a high-fashion model in Norway who needs to fly over to America and audition ASAP.

4. Alexander Uloom

Alexander is an Iraqi model and actor whose Instagram account will have you dripping in thirst.

5. Dev Patel

One of our favorite British actors who everyone can agree could play Aladdin in a heartbeat.

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