Hello, world. Prepare to get your favorite childhood film ruined, Beauty and the Beast.

Now don't get us wrong. We freaking LOVE this movie. It's a classic! But we recently re-watched it as adults, and we have some bad news for you...

Every single character is a massive asshole. They're all a bunch of dicks! Let's break it down:

We'll start with Belle. Yes, she's an asshole!

She acts so holier-than-thou all the time. She sings rude songs about her neighbors like they can't even hear her:

I mean, really, she's very condescending!

Belle CLAIMS she wants more than this ~provincial life~ — and then becomes a princess in a big empty castle in the middle of nowhere. She sold out all her values for a man!

Next up: the Beast. He's an asshole!

As a prince, he was selfish and vain. He and all his friends are put under a curse LITERALLY because of how terrible they are.

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