#1 Tinker Bell Swarovski Crystal Earrings

via: etsy.com

Tink had that special spark that won Peter’s heart, and these earrings capture that magic with glimmering green Swarovski crystals twinkling with pixie dust.

KearcyDesigns/Etsy – $20

#2 Kawaii Ariel Little Mermaid Earrings

via: etsy.com

Ariel has never been more adorable than in these earrings. Our favorite aquatic princess makes for a perfect kawaii earring set. No mouth, so we can assume this was in the split second before she lost her voice and transformed into a human.

BrunaZassou/Etsy – about $18

#3 Ursula Faux Gauge Earrings

via: etsy.com

Ursula would totally be the type that would go for ear gauges over dainty studs. One ominous tentacle crawls its way through your ear, and best of all, you don’t have to stretch your ears to make it work.

TaniaChernova/Etsy – $19

#4 Beauty and the Beast Earrings

via: etsy.com

Belle loved her some roses.

FandomBoutique/Etsy – $12

#5 Princess Jasmine’s Earrings

via: etsy.com

Jasmine sported a fiery red outfit in Aladdin, and she paired it with these scimitar-inspired earrings. They have a fierce look about them that will pair well with an evening outfit.

NerdyDesigner/Etsy -$25

#6 Tiana’s Dress Earrings

via: etsy.com

This maker brilliantly transformed Princess Tiana into a set of earrings that look just like her flowy poofy white dress, with a touch of green and cream. Now if only the princess had her frog too.

NerdyDesigner/Etsy – $15

#7 Snow White’s Queen and Her Mirror Earrings

via: etsy.com

These two earrings tell the story of the evil queen of Snow White and her magic mirror. And yes, those are little apples hovering above both!

GiundaCreazioni/Etsy – $20

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