Ahead of the film’s release next month, Disney has released the first teaser scene from Moana. Earlier trailers have indicated that it will be a lush visual experience featuring a sassy friendship between the lead heroine, Moana, and the demigod Maui (played by the Rock).

And, fittingly, this first clip from the film shows Moana meeting her new BFF. Things are off to a, wait for it, Rock-y start when Maui mistakes the princess for a fan who simply wants his autograph. So he signs her oar with a bird. ("It’s called ’tweeting,’" he says, LOL). But as in so many Disney films, there’s a beautiful friendship to be borne out of those bad first impressions, with Moana and Maui sailing the South Pacific in search of a fabled island that will save her family.

Moana opens nationwide on November 23.

(Source: YouTube.com)

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