Over the years Disney has been bringing back our favorite classics with their resurgence of live-action remakes, but they aren’t the only ones – meet Ksenia Perova, the 21-year-old cosplayer from Russia. Perova has been doing cosplay since 2014, and with her unique features combined with her artistry she has built up a giant following.

“My first con was Ava Expo 2014 I made Oswin Oswald,” she writes on her account, “It was very strange and cute for me when people asked to make a selfie,” but just take one look at her photos and you will understand why she has become such a sensation. From Kim Possible to the Corpse Bride, the young artist brings each character to life with stunning realism.

#1 Mavis From Hotel Transylvania

#2 Frodo From The Lord Of The Rings

#3 Wendy From Gravity Fall

#4 Arya Stark From Game of Thrones

#5 Mantis From Guardians Of The Galaxy

#6 Belle From Beauty And The Beast

#7 Wednesday From The Addams Family

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