Have you ever wondered what the sex lives of Disney characters look like? Yeah, me neither. Well, just because no one asked doesn't mean the Internet won't answer! Dorkly's illustrator Paul Westover imagined what some of our favorite Disney movies would look like if they had included some erotic scenes. It comes as a shock to absolutely no one that these movies are better left sexless.

Here are his cartoons showing what it would look when the children's movie stops and the animated Disney characters do the dirty:

1. Frozen

Illustrations: Paul Westover

Elsa is adventurous, I'll give her that.

2. Aladdin

Illustrations: Paul Westover

Sorry, Magic Carpet, it looks like you're going to have to go in for some dry cleaning.

3. Hercules

Illustrations: Paul Westover

Probably pretty awkward for Herc to walk in on his dad with Leda like that.

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