Pixar makes some of the biggest, most beloved movies not just in the United States, but the world. But to reach people of different cultures and countries, they often need to make changes, big and small, to suit different audiences.

You might not have even thought about it before, but what works in America doesn’t necessarily work (or make any sense) in other markets, so the animators, writers, and producers have to make lots of changes to suit others.

Take a look at how your favorite Pixar films get tweaked…and why.

Obviously, language differences exist from country to country, so the quickest thing you'll notice is the films in, say, a Russian market are in...Russian.


But you'll also notice that there are written words not just in the title sequence, but throughout the film. As you can see here, the title of a book from Up! is changed from English to French.

But sometimes, too many changes need to be made.

While this bottle reads “Paradise Falls,” in non-English-speaking markets, it just displays a picture of Paradise Falls so it doesn’t need to be translated over and over. That doesn’t work for a book because, as we know, all books have titles on the front.

These cupcakes from Monsters Inc. read "Be my pal," in English countries, but just had a smiley in other markets.

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