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#15 Shirtception - My Favorite Gift Every Year From My Brother. We’re Now At Level 8

#16 I Recently Told My GF About My Love For '80s Glam Shots. I Wasn't Prepared For Her Christmas Gift

#17 Christmas Present From The Brother-In-Law Who Is A Fabricator. There Is No Trick, It Doesn’t Come Out

#18 My Parents Got My Cardboard Cutout Tonight, For My First Christmas Away From Home

#19 My Niece Told Me This Was Her Favorite Christmas Present

#20 My Mom Got Me Super Mario Sheets For Christmas

#21 Years Ago, My Sister And Mom Started An “Ugly Ornament” Exchange Each Xmas

#22 My Husband Posing With The Pillow I Had Made For Him Of Our Cat For Christmas

#23 As A New(Ish) Homeowner, I Asked My Parents For Some Yard Equipment For Christmas. They Had Me Guessing About This One All The Way Until The End

#24 Christmas Card For My Girlfriend, She Wasn't Impressed

#25 This Has Appeared Under The Christmas Tree

#26 Christmas Card For The Cat

#27 I Made These Ornaments For All The Members Of My Family For Christmas. Merry Plaguemas

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