1. Polly Pockets

From the big ones with the the castles to the little Pollies living in rings. The downside was always losing those little pieces, because once they were gone, they were IMPOSSIBLE to find.

2. Skydancers

How could you forget these little fairies? You’d put them on a base and send them spinning into the air by pulling a string. They could also be weaponized by aiming them at your little brother.

3. Troll Dolls

In every possible size and every different hair color.

4. Furbies


You must have asked Santa for one when they came out. Flash forward a couple of months: you put your Furby away because its voice and its huge, devilish eyes would keep you from getting to sleep each night.

5. Kitty Surprise

How was a cat you could pull kittens out of a good idea for a kid’s toy? I guess it did do a good job of explaining ~where babies come from~ so parents didn’t have to. There was also a puppy version.

6. Barbies

Especially when they still had those 90’s hairstyles…

7. And the furniture set, of course

The house, the bed, the kitchen and some lucky kids even had the pop-up camper.

(Source: buzzfeed.com)

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