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#9 The stitching in Woody's right arm is more noticeable in Toy Story 3 because his arm was repaired in the second film. Seriously, these animators don't miss a beat.

#10 It's pretty obvious that Sid is a little bit off since the carpets in his house are the same as the ones from the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

#11 That's not the only Shining reference related to Sid. When he grows up and becomes a garbage man, the license plate on his truck is "RM237."

This is a nod to the freaky room from the film that still gives me nightmares.

#12 In Toy Story 3, when Woody is peering out of Andy's bedroom door, you can see where Andy marked the heights of Jesse, Rex, and Buzz.

#13 The man who restores Woody to pristine condition is Geri from the Pixar short Geri's Game. If you don't remember, it's the one where an old man plays chess by himself and I cry.

#14 This is also evident when he opens one of his drawers that is full of chess pieces, and now I'm full-on sobbing.

#15 The gas station where Woody and Buzz get left behind is the same company that shows up in Cars as a major sponsor.

#16 The book that Rex is reading in Toy Story 2 has the U.S. price listed as $4.95 and $50.00 in Canadian dollars.

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