Kate Maxwell is a concept artist based out of San Fransisco who specializes in some incredibly unique 2D work she refers to as "wacky and wonderful." We couldn't agree more, especially after stumbling on this super unique series where she transforms some of pop culture's most famous horror movie villains and gave them the most amazing Disney Princess twist we have ever seen. These images combine two of my favorite worlds: horror and Disney. I'm positive you'll really get a kick out of every single one on this list, too!

1. Princess Predator

Artist: Kate Maxwell

I wonder if one of Aladdin's wishes went terribly wrong? Either way, this is a twist on the ultimate hunter.

2. Princess Carrie

Artist: Kate Maxwell

With a mermaid twist, Carrie is definitely ready for prom.

3. Princess Regan

Artist: Kate Maxwell

You may reconsider an exorcism when she looks this fabulous.

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