Snow Red Bottoms

Though the washed-up haters try to drag her to the depths of irrelevance, Snow Red Bottoms knows she's the baddest of them all. Sure, she fell for their tricks once by eating a poisoned salami, but we all know that if you knock her down nine times, she'll get up 10. Oh, and she often sings to pigeons for fun.

Princess Yaaasmin

You wanna know something? Yaaasmin is a rebel through and through. She doesn't give two shits about how you think she should live her life or your respectability politics. She's shown us a whole new world and doesn't need a man to hand her a crown because she's done that ALL on her own.


You'd think the ocean would be freezing, but Okurrriel knows firsthand that a ho never gets cold. She not interested in becoming part of your world 'cause she carves out her own damn lane. Despite being a gorgeous mermaid, she prides herself on being a regular, degular, shmegular girl from the sea.


Our girl Binderella used to live in the P's, and now it's a crib with a gate. With a little help from her fairy godfather, Christian Siriano, she was able to go to the ball lookin' royal AF. Though the glass slipper fits, Binderella continues to say, "I ain't no princess though, I'm a gangsta." More power to you girl.

Princess Belle-calis

Princess Belle-calis comes from the tiny French town of Le Bronx. She often feels trapped by her fame, but knows how to find the beauty in all things. She talks to inanimate objects on the daily, but has especially befriended her purple blanket the most. She also loves to read...people for filth.

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