1. Jadis knows more about the helicopter than she's letting on.

Jadis seems to know more about the helicopter than she's letting on. A few episodes back, Simon mentions the helipad and solar panels behind the junkyard. When he asks her what the place was before the zombie apocalypse she quickly threw him off the scent by playing dumb and saying it was always "a dump."

Why this is the most likely scenario: Jadis wasn't surprised to see the helicopter show up. She had a suitcase packed up and ready to go for a rescue. She even appeared to have a timer on a watch set up for its arrival.

It's not clear if she sent a distress signal for someone to come and rescue her, but it is curious that a helipad is conveniently located at the junkyard for a landing. Sunday's episode brings up a lot of questions: Who was Jadis in a previous life and does she know the people with the helicopter?

While she may not know exactly who operates the machine, she's clearly very familiar with it and knew it was going to be on its way.

2. It belongs to the Saviors.

Negan has been able to provide his people with food, hot water, and electricity. He also seems to have an unlimited amount of hair gel at his disposal. Is there anything Negan doesn't have at his fingertips?

Why fans thought it was possible: If you were paying close attention in November, Simon made a reference to a "flyer" in Sunday's episode. He said if they can't get the Hilltop under control then the answer may be to "take a flyer on the place and kill everyone there."

Some think he was referring to a chopper.

Why this doesn't seem the case anymore: Negan seemed genuinely surprised to see a helicopter when it appeared at the junkyard. If he had a chopper at his disposal, he probably would have used it to hightail it out of there by now.

3. It has something to do with the show's spin-off, "Fear the Walking Dead."

Morgan is heading to season four of "The Walking Dead." Maybe the shows are working towards meeting up in a larger way down the road.

Why it's likely: We've seen government groups before on "Fear the Walking Dead" and the actress who plays Madison (Kim Dickens) believes her character is related to someone on "The Walking Dead," possibly Daryl. Will she eventually go in search of her relative?

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