Lex from MadeYewLook has 2.1 million YouTube subscribers, and for good reason. Lex shoots tutorials all year long, but Halloween is extra special — and when she gets especially terrifying. Her transformations make it hard to believe one person is responsible for all these different looks!

Take a look at some of her recent work, along with her other unbelievable creations.

1. American Horror Story Promo Photo

Lex took it to the next level this year with this American Horror Story-inspired look. The intricate details of the mattress are stunning, and the key looks real! (It's actually a Q-tip!)

2. Until Dawn Clown Makeup Tutorial

I loved this look, mostly because it was interesting to see her create the teeth first, not the black outline!

3. Fear of Holes Makeup Tutorial

This one freaks me out, but I can't. stop. watching. Use wax to create the illusion of receding skin, then paint inside of them.

4. The Walking Dead Colorful Zombie

A brighter take on a typical zombie! Lex has plenty of zombie tutorials, but this one caters to people who lean toward brighter color palettes.

5. The Walking Dead Comic Zombie

Getting animated! This is a cool take on a traditional zombie costume: make it look like a comic-book version. You'll utilize matte paints for this one.

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