1. Kida, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest, yet most underrated Disney movies. How can an epic submarine adventure to the lost city of Atlantis, including a diverse cast with many strong female characters and lots of humor, not receive more love?! Kida actually starts as a princess and a warrior, but then becomes the queen of Atlantis. She is strong, independent, wise, a good leader and willing to accept change when it's for the better.

In case you needed more proof of her badassery:

2. Chel, The Road to El Dorado

Sassy and smart, she knows how to make the best of any situation, and is searching for something more (even thought most of us wouldn't complain about living in a city made of gold, tbh). And she has her jewelry game on point!

3. Esmeralda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Born as a poor gypsy, she is probably the opposite of a princess. Yet Esmeralda is outspoken, unafraid to question authority and fight for what she believes in, fiercely loyal to her people, and kind to everyone, being one of the few who didn't judge Quasimodo for his looks. She is able to hold her ground in a fight and be as seductive as a cartoon character ever could.

4. Marina, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Marina is a noblewoman engaged to the prince, who chooses to join Sinbad the Thief on a dangerous quest in order to make sure he keeps his promise and saves her husband-to-be. Determined, assertive, and sharp, and longing for freedom and adventure, she discovers a new way of life that suits her better (and a new man, also).

5. Megara, Hercules

Ah, this character may not be a princess, but she surely is the queen of sarcasm, witty humor, and being chill. She is able to play with men's emotions, and knows to take care of herself first and foremost. After being disappointed in love before, Meg doesn't trust people easily, but after finding someone who deserves her affection, she is ready to sacrifice herself for them.

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