1. Ms. Finster from Recess:

Ms. Finster died of heart failure three years ago.

2. That old dude that plays chess in those Pixar shorts:

He is a skeleton now.

3. Old Man Jenkins:

Old Man Jenkins is survived by his son, Young Man Jenkins.

4. Spike from Rugrats:

Spike's a dog. It's been decades. Spike's dead.

5. Pluto:

Another dog. Impossible for Pluto to still be alive.

6. Scooby Doo:

Scooby Doo has been around for half a century. Show me a dog who's lived that long and I'll show you a priest because that, mon frere, is terrifying.

7. Clifford the Big Red Dog:

Can I tell you something? More like Clifford the big DEAD dog.

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