Nature is full of interesting facts! Did you know that when it comes to pregnancy, opposums have it the easiest - it takes only 14 days, whereas elephant females spend up to 23 months being pregnant. The Guinness World Record for most puppies in a litter is 24 pups, and MALE seahorses give birth to an average of around 200 hatchlings.

#1 X-Ray Of A Pregnant Turtle

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#2 An X-Ray Of A Pregnant Francois Langur Monkey

via: Taronga Zoo

#3 Pregnant Dog X-Ray

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#4 Snekception


#5 A Pregnant Kiwi

#6 Pregnant Cat X-Ray

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#7 An X-Ray Of A Pregnant Guinea Pig?

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#8 An X-Ray Of Pregnant Muntjac Deer

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#9 Pregnant Raccoon

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#10 X-Ray Of Pregnant Bat

#11 Pregnant Red-Tailed Hawk X-Ray

via: Nick Adams

#12 A Pregnant Chinchilla


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