1. The Amityville Horror (1979)

"Specifically, the 1979 film version. It will also link you to the actual mass murder case and the page on murderer Ronald DeFeo Jr."

2. A Serbian Film (2010)

"If you want to be disturbed today be sure to read it."

3. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

"There's so much drama surrounding the production, from lawsuits to murder trials and PETA. It's not only a classic horror film with a beautiful score, the history of the film being made is a great read for any horror film–lover."

4. The Three Mothers (1977)

"Dario Argento’s The Three Mothers trilogy, definitely."

5. The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2008)

"It's found footage of murder and it looks legit."

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