The California Science Center’s upcoming Science Behind Pixar Exhibition is full of fun behind-the-scenes facts about your favorite Pixar movies.

1. None of the human characters in Ratatouille have any toes — animators skipped that detail to save time.

2. There are 202 teeth in Bruce’s mouth.

3. In Monsters, Inc., 90% of the monsters have the same tongue as Mike.

4. The art department for Brave designed Queen Elinor’s dress by taking actual matte silk fabric samples and painting metallic colors onto them. Shading artists later replicated the look digitally.

5. An average image from Inside Out took about 29 hours to render — i.e., to determine the colors of each pixel in an image — at final film quality.

6. It took over a month to digitally paint Al’s car in Toy Story 2.

7. All the bedroom doors in Monsters, Inc. were made from different combinations of 26 paint colors, 12 styles, eight shades of wood, 10 decals, six doorknob designs, and three hardware types.

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