1. When Clayton got tangled in the vines, fell, and then got hanged by the vines and died in Tarzan:

2. When Bing Bong sacrificed himself so Joy could save Riley in Inside Out:

3. When Captain Rourke was crystalized and then chopped up by a freaking helicopter in Atlantis:

4. When Woody felt pain after Sid burned him, so that meant all of Sid's dismembered toys suffered when he tore them apart and reattached them, in Toy Story:

5. When Mother Gothel literally kidnapped Rapunzel from her parents because she wanted a lock of her hair in Tangled:

6. When Cinderella's stepsisters destroyed her dress ~while it was still on her~ and her stepmother just stood there, proudly watching, in Cinderella:

7. When Bambi was enjoying a nice meal with his mom, and then three seconds later she was killed, in Bambi:

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