There are few things that are more nostalgic than Disney. As our generation grew up, however, we also journeyed through the Harry Potter series. With nostalgia being a thing right now, mashups are big. Such as, have you ever wondered what the Patronus of each Disney princess would be? DeviantArt artist Willemijn1991 has put the answer to that question into art, and it's pretty amazing.

#1 Anna (Sparrow) And Elsa (Arctic Fox) From Frozen

Artist: Willemijn1991

According to the artist he chose the House for each princess, as well as the Patronus, because:

I choose Gryffindor for Anna because she is brave (duh) and Ravenclaw for Elsa because she is all about logic and learning to control her powers.

Anna's Patronus is a sparrow, because she wants to be free and is very chipper. And Elsa's is an arctic fox because they are shy and live in the snow.

#2 Jane Porter (Monkey) From Tarzan

Artist: Willemijn1991

[I chose] the lovely Jane Porter for Ravenclaw, because she met Tarzan on a scientific excursion and learns all about his world.

And a little monkey as her Patronus, 'cause she is a little monkey.

#3 Rapunzel (Clown Fish) From Tangled

Artist: Willemijn1991

I picked Gryffindor because even though she was afraid of everything she still went after her dream, and I picked a clown fish for her Patronus.

[It's] not just because she is a bit of a clown but also because a clown fish lives in a hostile environment, just like Rapunzel with her mom, and she learned how to survive in that tower.

#4 Kida (Sea Turtle) From Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Artist: Willemijn1991

I chose Ravenclaw for Kida because she is so curious and inquisitive and uses old knowledge to save her people. I picked a sea turtle because it is a land creature that adapted to live in the water and it also fits her free and gentle spirit.

#5 Pocahontas (Eagle) From Pocahontas

Artist: Willemijn1991

Gryffindor is an obvious choice for Pocahontas because she risks it all for love and peace.

For her Patronus I picked an eagle because she is so strong and free.

#6 Snow White (Bunny) From Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Artist: Willemijn1991

The beautiful Snow White for Hufflepuff because she is so kind and sweet and a little bunny as her Patronus for the same reasons.

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