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#8 In Soul, the first soul assigned is number 108,210,121,415. This lines up with the current estimate from the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), which estimates that more than 108 billion humans have existed on Earth.

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#9 In Cars, Lightning McQueen's body shakes much more than Mater's because McQueen is a racecar with a firmer suspension, which means the bumpy roads make him shake more aggressively than normal cars that have softer suspension.

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#10 In The Incredibles, Dash is sitting in the front seat. Reflecting the lax child seating laws of the period, 1962. It wasn’t until the 80’s that child seating laws were enacted.

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#11 In Toy Story 3, Ken and Barbie’s designs are based on real-life toys from the Barbie toyline. Ken is based on the 1988 Animal Lovin' Ken toy, while Barbie is based on the 1983 Great Shape Barbie toy.

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#12 In Inside Out, the pizza toppings were changed from broccolis to bell peppers in Japan, since kids in Japan don’t like bell peppers. Pixar localized the joke.

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#13 In Ratatouille, when Linguini is chopping leeks for the soup you can see a green smear on the cutting board that actually happens when cutting green vegetables. Also, his bite marks are still there from when Remy bit him a couple of days before.

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#14 In Toy Story 2, when Al is about to hang up with the Japanese Toy museum buying Woody. He says “Don’t touch my mustache.” This is him mispronouncing. “どういたしまして” (Dōitashimashite) which means "You’re Welcome" in Japanese.

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