So, you've probably seen the movie Wreck-It Ralph, which follows Ralph, a video game bad guy, on his quest to win a medal and be the good guy for once.

Along the way, he meets a variety of characters, all with different backstories. None, however, are more tragic than Sergeant Calhoun's.

During the movie, we watch a flashback of Calhoun's wedding where she genuinely looks happy!

But during the ceremony, a Cy-Bug crashes into the church and eats her fiancé whole.

Calhoun immediately pulls out a giant gun and begins blasting away at the Cy-Bug that just ate her lover.

This backstory is tragic enough on its own, but it might not even be the full story. A theory posted by Redditor ItsGotToMakeSense points out a very interesting detail about the Cy-Bugs:

Cy-Bugs become what they eat, and we see this happen at three different points throughout the movie. The first time is when one eats Ralph's laser gun in Hero's Duty.

We next see this happen when a Cy-Bug eats the root of a candy tree and immediately takes on its color.

And finally, we see King Candy/Turbo get eaten and morph into a hybrid of himself and the Cy-Bug.

But before we see any of that, we're told it happens by none other than Calhoun herself:

Calhoun knew because she had seen it happen firsthand. She watched helplessly as a Cy-Bug ate her fiancé alive, then was forced to kill it while it morphed into the image of her lover.

Pretty dark, Disney. Pretty dark.

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