In case you missed it, Nintendo posted a brand-new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon this week. There's a ton of new stuff in there, from Pokemon reveals to super moves. The highlight of the video might be the new forms for old Generation 1 Pokemon; the idea of snowy versions of Sandshrew and Vulpix might seem lazy, but in practice they are delightful.

The ever-bewildering egg-tree Exeggutor also got a new form, but it didn't get iced up like the rest. It just got... taller.

Pokemon Sun and Moon take place on the Hawaii-like island of Alola, which according to the official website has given Exeggutor (left) enough sun to grow into Alola Exeggutor (right). Some important things to note about Alola Exeggutor include the fact that it's now a Grass and DRAGON-type, and also it now has a fourth head... on its tail.

Since the internet loves to take one small weird part of a popular thing and blow it up, you can bet that Twitter and Tumblr were all about this goofball.







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