If you grew up in the '90s and had any taste at all, you cared DEEPLY about Reptar and his many products.

Here's the commercial for his cereal, which transfixed a young Tommy Pickles.

For those NOT ~in the know~, Reptar was a dinosaur character beloved by all of the children on Rugrats. He starred in many different roles on the show, the most iconic being his performance in "Reptar on Ice."

That episode is legendary, fight me.

Anyway, this week we got slapped by nostalgia upon learning that FYE, the store for all your pop culture needs, will be selling the most I-C-O-N-I-C of Reptar treats: Reptar bars.

The chocolate bars, filled with classic Nickelodeon slime, promise to turn tongues green, just like the real deal.

So, naturally, fans lost their minds.

Also, because apparently FYE isn't playing around, they'll be debuting the aforementioned Reptar cereal as well.

Pre-order it here for $12.99!

While the cereal is available online, Reptar bars are currently only available for purchase in stores. So go out and get yourself some sugar-packed nostalgia, and catch me walking into FYE like: