Illustrator and character designer Totomame has been creating these "fictional animal" Pokemon for a couple of years now, combining Nintendo's monster franchise with their fluffy counterparts from the animal kingdom.

1. Pikachu

Artist: Totomame

Half hamster, half electric eel. Pikachu might be even more marketable in this form.

2. Helioptile

Artist: Totomame

A solid no-frills entry in the Pokedex. Correction: it's mostly frills.

3. Plusle and Minun

Artist: Totomame

Opposites attract.

4. Joltick and Galvantula

Artist: Totomame

You look at that fuzzy tick and tell me that's not adorable.

5. Meowth

Artist: Totomame

This would stop being cute if it started talking in a Brooklyn accent at me.

6. Spheal

Artist: Totomame

Are we SURE that's what Spheal looks like?

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