1. Doug Funnie

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Was: 11

Now: 37

26 years after the series debuted, Doug is now 37, rocking the gray hair and mustache. We can only hope he's in Bluffington living a wonderful life with his beloved Patti Mayonnaise.

2. Angelica Pickles

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Was: 3

Now: 29

Much like her mother Charlotte, a fully grown Angelica Pickles looks like a hardworking, blazer-wearing, professional business woman.

3. Johnny Bravo

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Was: 19

Now: 39

Twenty years later, Mr. Bravo might be reluctantly balding, but he's still sporting his classic black shades and being the cool, woman-chasing dude you witnessed back in the day.

4. Beavis

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Was: 14

Now: 38

Beavis is a grown man now, so he might not have the same immature sense of humor you remember. Here he is wearing a tie and holding coffee, like a true adult.

5. Pepper Ann

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Was: 12

Now: 32

In her early thirties, Pepper Ann would be marching to her own parade, rocking a fun, unique look like she's one in a million.

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