The above screencap is from the episode "Nature Pants," taken just before *looks at notes* Patrick pounces on Spongebob to capture him so that he stops thinking he's a jellyfish. It's been a reaction image for a little while now, but it came into its own as a meme this last week. People have been posting the image with a caption that recounts a time they've taken vindictive glee in doing something naughty. KnowYourMeme has dubbed this meme "Savage Patrick"

That's one of the tamest examples we could find. A lot of the Evil Patrick memes are extremely NSFW. Like, you might even gag a little. We'll show you what we're talking about, but don't say we didn't warn you.

#1 Plenty of the Evil Patrick memes are relatable examples of asshole-ish behavior

#2 ...and then there are the explicit, often very gross Evil Patrick memes

#3 Some of them seem to be admitting to some sort of crime

#4 This is what happens when everyone tries to one-up each other with gross-out memes. No one wins

#5 When so many of the Evil Patrick memes are so hardcore, it makes simple, quaint memes like this even funnier

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