13. The Rake

Whilst most will be familiar with Slenderman as the pale humanoid that steals children in the night, the Rake is another internet phenomenon with horrible intentions. With written, pictorial, and even video ‘evidence’, it’s easy to get sucked into the modern myth of a creature that appears at the foot of your bed to terrorise you in the night.

Offering up warnings, death, and a fright so intense it can drive you to suicide, the Rake pops up all over internet folklore with pure nightmare material. He’s worth a little research, though knowing more about him might actually cause him to pay you a visit. Don't say I didn't warn you.

12. 1999

If you’ve peeked even slightly into the world of internet horror stories, chances are you’ve found a story about a “lost episode” of a popular cartoon that holds a disturbing secret. Squidward’s Suicide, Dead Bart, Suicecidemouse.avi - you get the idea. 1999 varies from the trend in that it introduces an entire lost channel, and works as a recollection from the author of all the episodes he watched as a child on an old locally-run cable show.

Charting disappearing children, abuse, and an infatuation from the unsettling “Mr. Bear”, 1999 ran with updates for roughly two years before tailing off after an incomplete police investigation. Rather than focussing on the paranormal, the story looks at the very real frights of a predator, who uses a twisted television channel to lure children into his cellar. 100 fuzzy hugs never sounded so sinister.

11. Persuaded

A wonderfully original take on the zombie genre, Persuaded poses an entirely different reality for the transformation of the undead. It’s short, and potentially a little dated after the popularised zombie trend has died off a little - but still an interesting scenario to ponder, and a classic of creepypasta. It's one of those stories that's best just read without too much preamble.

10. The Soul Game

One of many, many invented “games” on the internet, The Soul Game is one that you’re not going to win, and it becomes increasingly clear why by the end of the entry. Not too dissimilar to The Midnight Game, that is, the one that summons a demon at the stroke of midnight to play a game of hide and seek that puts your soul at risk, The Soul Game isn’t really a game at all. The former has plenty of film adaptations to show you exactly what a bad idea it is to play - but The Soul Game is much more effective in written form.

Of course, everyone wants to play a game with terrible winning conditions and the very real potential of being tortured in hell for all eternity. I don’t get it either.

9. No End House

The second series to be taken by Channel Zero and transformed into a television series after the intensely creepy Candle Cove, No End House is a staple of the creepypasta universe - and one many who enjoy these stories will be familiar with.

Taking a house of horrors to the next level, the title gives way to the nature of a supernatural building that doubles as a Halloween challenge, with nine rooms all that stands between the entrant and his $500 dollar prize. Of course, things are never that simple, and “management” have other things in store for the naive contestant. Detailing his descent into madness at the hands of a demonic house that perfectly encapsulates what so many films have tried in the past, No End House seems set to remain a favourite for a fair while yet.

8. Correspondence

Correspondence has been running now for six years, with the most recent post from u/Bloodstains being added three months ago. That’s some dedication to the creepy cause. Whilst you could argue that the story is a reflective social commentary on the way we rely on electronic devices, it’s mostly an interesting email thread that throws around some spooky chainmail vibes. Linking together its victims over the course of almost 40 independent entries, Correspondence is a story that you can keep returning to for more. It has a bad habit of cropping up when its mentioned elsewhere - self aware demon AI much?

If getting a computer virus wasn’t bad enough, Correspondence will have you installing Windows Defender like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, it’s that scary.

7. If Your Voice Stops Echoing, Cancel Your Road Trip

A fast paced horror story that tells the tale of an entity that comes for you after stealing your echo, there’s yet ANOTHER reason to avoid the outdoors. Working so well from its lack of real description when it comes to the entity, the terrifying notion that there are things out there we don’t understand lies at the very heart of this pasta - impossibly fast, dangerous, and paranormal things that can wipe you off the face of the planet. Just always eat the damn jellybeans and drive as fast as you can.

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