Disney has a reputation for being family-friendly, if not totally geared towards kids. Despite this, Disney has also been known to delve into territory that doesn’t just test or push boundaries, but actively breaks and tears through them, creating surprising content that goes well beyond what one might expect from a company with their reputation.

These movies not only involve love stories, romance, and some positive life lessons, but they also have some disturbing moments that you might have noticed while watching them. Scroll down to see 21 moments in Disney animation that went too far.

#1 Bing Bong, one of the most innocent characters in Inside Out, teaches us the true meaning of friendship by risking his life to save Riley.

#2 Clayton and Tarzan’s struggle ended with Clayton falling and being hanged by the vines.

#3 The fact that Jasmine was only 15 when she was expected to be married within a year.

#4 In Bambi, remember this scene where innocent Bambi and his mother were enjoying their meal? And suddenly there was an unexpected twist where his mother was murdered just three minutes later.

#5 Living with step siblings or stepparents makes life terrible, exactly like Cinderella’s. They are constantly present to ruin the day with their nasty deeds. Cindrella’s step-sisters ripped her dress to pieces while she was still wearing it, and her stepmother didn’t even say a work and she just smirked.

#6 Jafar planned to make Jasmine his sex slave by using his wish, and our innocent minds didn’t realise what was going on.

#7 Remember in Big Hero 6, when Tadashi was completely blown apart? It broke our heart as well.

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