1. If the ocean chose Moana, why did it try to make things difficult for her?

2. Why does Mike tell Sulley that he's been jealous of his looks since the fourth grade even though they didn't meet until college at Monsters University?

3. Did Miley think that 300 people would really keep her secret that she's Hannah Montana?

4. Why doesn't Aladdin have nipples?

5. In The Lizzie McGuire Movie, why was Ms. Ungermeyer the only chaperone on a school trip to A WHOLE DIFFERENT COUNTRY?

6. Why does Hades' blue hair turn red when he's angry when blue flames are sometimes hotter than red flames?

7. In Tangled, if Rapunzel's tears bring Flynn back to life, won't people be after her tears now?

8. How does Cinderella's shoe fall off if it fit perfectly?

9. In Pocahontas, why didn't they have her and John teach each other their languages instead of that magic wind doing it for them?

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