1. Mickey and Minnie done in watercolors, for your artistic heart:

2. Or maybe this conceptual Minnie with a minimalist and elegant design:

3. Matching Ohana tattoos, because you're family:

4. This one is perfect for when you need a reminder to just keep on swimmin':

5. When you carry Disney in your heart, you want people to notice.

This dude loves his son so much... #casanarditattoohouse Soul tatts 4life...

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6. If you're looking for a tattoo to get with your significant other, how about this super sweet option?

7. This one has a more retro look, if you're feeling nostalgic:

"Yesterday ? Tomorrow ? Fantasy" • • • LOVING this custom stamped cuff bracelet from @kimscustomcrafts ?? I also got a really beautiful tangled dreamcatcher pin (I'll be showing it off in Disneyland next week!) She makes tons of really cute jewelry, pins, ears, and the super popular disney dreamcatchers! If you're a disney fan check her out because she is a truly talented artist! But I love this cuff with my @alexandani bracelet and of course my Mickey tattoo! (If you're confused the quote is from the entrance sign to disneyland) #disneystyle #disney #disneyland #disneyjewelry #mickeymouse #mickeytattoo #disneytattoo #disneyink #disneyaddict #disneybound #alexandani #fantasyland #disneyfashion #magicmail #kimscustomcrafts #disneymakers #magicmakers #disneycrafters #disneyanimation #imagineering #aspiringimagineer

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8. This stylized Cinderella's castle is the kind of Disney tattoo you didn't even know you needed:

First tattoo done, small but cute? #disneytattoo #castle #disney #tattoo

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9. And this Stitch, a very UNSUBTLE character, is captured beautifully with subtle lines and strokes:

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