Recently it was announced that there'd be a sequel to Nightmare Before Christmas, ready for the 25th anniversary of the original being released.

Upon the announcement, it was vaguely said that it'd come out in 2018 in comic book format, but now Tokyopop founder Stu Levy has said it will start publishing them in May, Daily Dot reports.

It will be based around Jack Skellington's ghost dog, Zero, and his adventure around 'Christmas Town'.

Levy, who's writing the script under the name D.J Milky, during a Disney Manga panel at New York Comic Con. "What happens is that Zero gets lost, as dogs do," Levy explained, hinting at what to expect. "And along the way he gets into a lot of trouble, as dogs do."

The sequel will be in comic book-style, and not as an animated series - according to the Hollywood Reporter. Named Zero's Journey, it'll be published monthly.

"We're gonna have 20 issues total, and then just like with a comic, we're also going to have a trade paperback. We're gonna have four total trade paperbacks-you guys should all be writing all this down. The first trade paperback will come out next Halloween, so one year from now, the first trade paperback will be available," Levy said.

When the film was originally released in 1993 it only had modest success. Costing $18m to make, it yielded just over $75m at the box office.

If the comics are successful you can't just help and wonder if there'll be enough temptation to do a full feature-length film as per the original.

Tim Burton, who is responsible for the original Christmas classic, is currently working on the live-action adaptation of Dumbo - the Disney classic.

A staple of the original film was the music, but of course it being a book, there won't be any. Levy does say that there will be lyrics though in the comics, hoping that maybe Burton will see them and maybe think about adapting them into proper songs.

He said: "No music because it's a book, but my dream is that maybe he'd go, 'Wow, these are so awesome, I'm gonna write music for this' Probably won't happen, but you never know."

What are your thoughts on this development? Excite to get a copy of the sequel as soon as it comes out?

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