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#13 Chipmunks Can Fix Christmas Lights

#14 Putting Peanut Butter On A Dogs Nose Will Keep Them Busy For A While

#15 Scratch A Hard-To-Reach Itch With A Tree Trunk

#16 Keep Out Unwanted Guests With A Wall Of Thistle

#17 Putting On Your Favorite Film Can Help You Through A Long Tough Day

#18 To Save Money, Use A Pet To Do Laundry And Wash Your Dishes

#19 A Fork Can Also Be Used To Remove Stubborn Knots In Long Hair

#20 Decorate Your Front Door So You Always Know What Holiday It Is

#21 Cooking Is Hard, Let A Rat Do It For You

#22 Write Down Directions On The Front Of Your Shirt So You Don't Get Lost

#23 Can’t Afford An Expensive Tempur-Pedic Pillow? Use Someone’s Butt

#24 Starfish Make Cute Bras

#25 Wake Your Girl Up With a Kiss So She Won't Be Grumpy

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