There’s no denying that Disney captivates audiences of all ages. Is it because of clever plot twists, emotional moments, or irresistible music? Maybe. But we think these films stand out for another reason: the sassiest one-liners ever. Most of the time, Disney movie quotes are wise. Or romantic. Or downright inspiring. But sometimes, Disney lays out some savage insults and they're usually family-friendly.

“Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady. Oh look, you're here too!” - Mother Gothel, Tangled. One of my favorites! That confused look on Rapunzel's face like, "Hey, wait a minute." Scroll down to see one of your favorites.

#1 Aristocats

#2 The Lion King

#3 Tangled

#4 Mulan

#5 The Princess and the Frog

#6 Alice in Wonderland

#7 Sleeping Beauty

#8 The Lion King

#9 The Little Mermaid

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