The Little Mermaid is 27 years old (omg wtf????) and so I feel it’s my duty to remind you of the one fact that’s still true even today: PRINCE ERIC IS HOT AF AND THAT’S NOT UP FOR DEBATE.

Prince Naveen did give him a run for his money in The Princess and the Frog, but I’m staying loyal to my man. Just look at that bulge for a reason why.

1. Yes, I know he’s animated, but you’re just gonna have to get past that because LOOK AT HIS FACE.

2. A face literally moulded by the hands of angels and the good grace of god.


4. And let’s just say it how it is — he’s got eyebrows you just want to sit on.

5. With a face like that it’s easy to understand why Ariel risked it all just to throw it back for Prince Eric.

I’d run away from my family too, girl – you go get that good D.

6. Prince Eric can be all brooding and mysterious, which is sexy AF.

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