1. Lola Bunny, Space Jam

There was actually no need for the creators to make Lola this level of sexy. We get it Bugs Bunny is attracted to her, but she didn't have to be every teen's wet dream.

For reference, this is an actual rabbit.

Note that it doesn't have booty shorts, a crop top, and a great rack. If anything this rabbit is closer to human body norms as many of us rest in our own chins.

2. Sexy giraffe, Orangina advert

Sex does sell, so maybe sexy giraffes in red stilettos drinking Orangina sells even more.

3. Roxanne, A Goofy Movie

She was supposed to be a teenager but of course she still must have that sweet sweet hourglass figure that all dogs have.

4. Minerva Mink, Animaniacs.

Minerva won FHM's hottest mink in 1997, much to the dismay of the sultry minks featured on nature documentaries.

5. Hot tiger, Zootopia

The internet lovingly calls this tiger "daddy" and I really don't know what else to say.

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