1. Idk about you guys, but I'd be too scared to play this baby piano.

2. And I would absolutely NOT cuddle with this...stuffed nightmare.

No sir.

3. There's no way a rubber foot isn't creepy...

4. And no, this isn't a sex toy — it's for kids. Apparently.

5. Meanwhile, I'm not sure what's freakier: this doll's open uterus, or its little white eyes.

6. And yes, every kid has a horse phase — but I'm not sure about a man-pony phase.

7. The bear-in-a-box thing could possibly be cute...but you lost us on the surprise pig.

8. And I'm not entirely comfortable about the shape of this bubble wand.

9. Why carry a normal doll around when you could scare the bejeezies out of everyone with this one?

10. Or just confuse everyone, with this one?

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