1. Practical Magic

"It’s such a fun movie; with romance, comedy, and sisterly love to spare. It makes you feel right at home."

2. The Halloween Tree

"The Halloween Tree always makes me feel so nostalgic and taught me so much about Halloween when I was little!"

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

"It is far from scary but definitely has a spooky element to it."

4. Addams Family Values

"A spooky classic!"

5. Hocus Pocus

"It’s the ultimate classic Halloween movie. Sassy, funny and not scary at all!"

6. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

7. Corpse Bride

"Spooky characters but it's just a wholesome love story."

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas

"This movie has everything; a creepy Halloween vibe, beautiful songs, funny moments, a cute love story, and a happy ending. It's perfect."

9. The Ghosbusters movies (new and old)

"Ghostbusters (including the all-female remake) – a great combination of comedy and spookiness with a happy ending that doesn't leave you feeling scared when you go to bed. "

10. Frankenweenie

"Frankieweenie was a cute and tug-at-your-heartstrings kinda movie."

11. The 'Burbs

12. Monster House

13. Hotel Transylvania

"So cute and funny and all-round fun."

14. Casper

"I watched it all the time when I was young even when it wasn't Halloween."

15. What We Do in the Shadows

"It’s so funny! I hadn’t bought an actual DVD in years before I purchased this because I could barely stand to return it to Redbox. A mockumentary about vampires trying to make it in the modern world. Doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and that’s what’s so perfect about it."

16. The Scary Godmother

"Scary Godmother and Scary Godmother: The Revenge Of Jimmy!!! The CGI is very early 2000s, but they're both under an hour and more ~spooky~ than scary."

17. Halloweentown

"This was my FAVOURITE movie as a kid, and is still one of my top ten Halloween movies. You still get the creatures and one bad guy (who some might find scary but if my 10-year-old self could watch it, you can too) all centred around the glorious holiday that is Halloween."

18. Twitches

"One word: iconic."

19. Little Shop of Horrors

20. Young Frankenstein

"It starts Gene Wilder aka Willy Wonka and it pokes fun at classic horror films without taking itself too seriously. It's freaking hilarious."

21. Clue

"It's kind of outdated in a lot of ways but the humour really makes the movie and Tim Curry is the ultimate scene-stealer."

22. Tucker and Dale vs Evil

"There is some almost slapstick-level blood, but overall not a scary horror movie. And it is HILARIOUS. "

23. The Frighteners

"It's a comedy thriller starring Michael J Fox. There's ghosts and murder but it's not at all scary."

24. The Witches

Pretty silly acting now that I’m older, but still a classic."

25. ParaNorman

"I watch it every year and still laugh my guts out. The cast is stellar and the storyline is actually really interesting."

Source: buzzfeed

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