The women in Disney movies usually have a rough go of it. Belle must sacrifice her freedom to save her father. Rapunzel is manipulated and locked up by Mother Gothel. Princess Aurora gets cursed to eternal slumber. These princesses all had magical and happy scenes, including romantic scenes. But do you ever notice that there are always barriers that they need to pass in the story to persuade their future or dream?

For example, in Mulan, just after the eponymous heroine and her company finish singing the upbeat "A Girl Worth Fighting For." Mulan finds a children's toy in the remains of a scorched village-- a girl worth fighting for. Or in Tangled, Mother Gothel kisses Rapunzel on the head, it's not meant for the Rapunzel, though, but rather for her hair. Scroll down to see the sad moments of our Disney Princesses.

#1 Tiana's Father Couldn't Receive A Medal Of Honor

"In Disney’s Princess and The Frog, Tiana’s dad received the DSC (Distinguished Service Cross)—the US Army’s second highest award for valor. During WWI African-American soldiers often did not receive America’s highest recognition for bravery—the Medal of Honor." - u/Joe_Smith_Actionwear

#2 Rapunzel Reaches To Save Mother Gothel Despite Abuse

"In Tangled, there's a split second in which Rapunzel reaches out desperately to save Mother Gothel--even after she stabs Eugene! It's so fast you might miss it, but it shows the huge impact that long-term emotional abuse can have." - u/schrodingers_cat42

#3 Elsa's Parents Constructed Her Prison Cell

"The type of chains Elsa has on were obviously made for her. However, Hans could not have made them because no idea that covering Elsa's hands stopped her powers and also didn't resources at the time to make them. The only people who could have known this were her parents. Elsa's parents made a cell specifically for their daughter in case she got out of control." - u/_BindersFullOfWomen_

#4 Belle Didn't Have Great Choices To Save Her Dad

"In Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Belle was willing to be locked up for the rest of her life with the Beast to save her father, but unwilling to be stuck with Gaston for the rest of her life to save her father." - u/susie_grace

#5 Mulan Finds "A Girl Worth Fighting For"

"In Mulan, shortly after the song 'A Girl Worth Fighting For,' Mulan finds a girl really worth fighting for." - u/Wil-Himbi

#6 Jasmine Wouldn't Be The First Person To Lose A Hand

"In Aladdin, when Farouk catches Jasmine stealing and grabs her hand, you can see cuts in the wood of his stand, showing how many hands he has cut off before." - u/bwmamanamedsha

#7 A Window Shadow Creates A Cage

"In Cinderella, when Cinderella enters her Stepmother’s room, the shadows make it look like she is in a cage." - u/grasshopper_jo

#8 Bad Lighting Makes Ariel Appear Like Vanessa

"In The Little Mermaid, when Ariel rescues Eric from drowning and sings to him, she is back lit making her hair appear dark brown/black. It makes it even more conceivable that Eric believes the dark-haired human version Ursula was the one woman that rescued him." - u/owlingthrough2

#9 Rapunzel's Hair Gets A Kiss From Mother Gothel

"In Disney’s Tangled, after Mother Gothel says “I love you most” to Rapunzel instead of kissing her forehead Mother Gothel kisses Rapunzel’s hair, which is her source of youth." - u/TheCutestOfBeans

#10 Merida's Family Is Split Like The Old Kingdom's

"In Brave, the four brothers between whom the Old Kingdom was split were three identical twins and an older sibling, just as Merida and her brothers." - u/TheFfrog

#11 Rapunzel's Tears Heal Differently Than The Original Fairy Tale

"In Tangled, Rapunzel’s tears heal Eugene, similar to the original story where her tears help her prince regain his vision after being blinded." - u/knitter_boi420

#12 Cinderella Loses The Detail On Her Dress On Blu-Ray

"The blu-ray version of Disney’s Cinderella has been so scrubbed of grain that it removed some of the line work within some scenes." - u/Jaxerfp

#13 Esmerelda's "Death" Changes The Color Palette

"In Hunchback of Notre Dame, when Esmerelda is presumed dead and Quasimodo is heartbroken, the colors are darker and give off a sadder mood. However when Judge Frollo opens the door and is about to stab Quasi, the colors become more red symbolizing danger." - u/Mark_Levins

#14 Elsa's Breath Isn't Visible In The Cold

"In Frozen, when Hans confronts Elsa in the prison, you can see the condensation of his breathing. Elsa’s breathing does not show condensation." - u/rachelmaryl

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