Disneyland might be the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but there’s a decent chance if you encounter some of these shoddy Disney products, you won’t be feeling too thrilled.

#1 This Tinkerbell’s got quite a mouth on her.

I mean that literally. One look at her and you just know she’s the type of person that spits when she speaks.

#2 Starring Justin Bieber as Belle!

If that’s not him, I’d be even more embarrassed, because that means someone thinks that looks like Belle.

#3 There’s nothing wrong with a transgender version of a Disney character…

…but at least put the same likeness on the box.

#4 Uh, face the other way, there, Donald.

It looks like that kid just interrupted Donald’s sit-up regimen. (And that’s the very G-rated, Disney-friendly interpretation.)

#5 Looks like Ariel’s face may have been…

…pulled a little too tight during a procedure.

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