1. When the Boogeyman grabbed Darwin's leg in Don't Look Under the Bed, taking 10 years off your life.

Oh, this still doesn't scare you? Lies. You've been scared to hang your feet off the bed since '99.

2. When the phantom was lurking around every corner in Phantom of the Megaplex.

This dark, ominous figure literally ran all over the movie theater wreaking havoc on innocent moviegoers. After watching this movie, you couldn't walk into a room without turning the lights on.

3. When this spine-chilling ~fear monster~ came out of the woods in Girl vs. Monster.

Seeing this lanky monster coming toward you...NOPE.

4. When Jay was captured by the Thoad and locked up in the alien's "zoo of specimens" in Can of Worms.

After this movie, you definitely started questioning whether your siblings were alien lifeforms from another planet. You always knew there was something off about them. ?

5. When Pat's system went haywire and she held everyone hostage in Smart House.

Disney tried warning us about rogue technology long before Black Mirror came along.

6. When Kalabar came flying in from the shadows in Halloweentown.

This was hands down the scariest scene in Halloweentown. What was Disney thinking?! You slept with the light on for at least a week after this movie premiered.

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