1. Robin Arryn – Oedipus complex

Robin Arryn gets excessively influenced by the parent of the opposite sex and had anger and envy towards his own parents. Even in the age of nine, Robin Arryn breastfed by his mother Lysa and it can lead to several personality related problems with Robin later in his personal life.

2. Sandor Clegane – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the turmoil which is connected to serious shocking incidents. When those moments come in the person’s mind who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it causes panic attacks to them. In the case of the Hound, his brother the Mountain burns his half face in childhood which forms a fear of fire in Hound’s mind.

3. Aerys Targaryen – Pyromania

It is a type of illness when a person is emotionally involved to something very much like disorder of enjoying things and burn. The Mad King was very fascinated to the Wildfire, he even once thought to burn the whole city.

4. Alliser Thorne / Jaime Lannister – Narcissism

Narcissism is the state in which a person thinks that he is bigger and everyone around him is inferior. Jaime Lannister was also like that before his capture and Ser Alliser is a more delicate case of the circumstance who thinks that everyone will follow him only. His proclamation of the demise of Jon Snow affirms that he centers most of it on himself.

5. Samwell Tarly – Obesity

A crucial eating disorder in which person does less physical movement leading to terrible effects on a person’s wellbeing. Samwell Tarly case was also similar who was abandoned by his cruel father before sending him off to the wall.

6. Lysa Arryn – Delusional Jealousy

It is a delusional circumstance when a person has insensible fears about their loved one’s affair with someone which results in manipulation, control, and aggression over the person.

7. Tywin Lannister – Megalomania

This condition made a person cruel, non-moral, and ambitious enough to get power at any cost. The case of Tywin Lannister as shown in Game of Thrones was the same.

8. Petyr Baelish – Mythomania

It is also called as pathological lying which is a condition in which a person tries to blow up stories, or tell lie to everyone thinking others as liars too. Littlefinger can do anything to attain whatever he wants and his own goals in life. He plays his dirty politics with everyone to get whatever he wants.

9. Cersei Lannister – Alcoholism

Alcoholism is the condition which leads a person to psychological and physical obsession for extreme and compelling drinking. The Queen Cersei has the addiction to drinking almost all the times.

10. Arya Stark – Schizophrenia / Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple personality disorder is a condition in which a person shows different identities. Arya Stark a personality clash within her, sometimes she became anonymous man and sometimes herself.

11. Jon Snow – Martyr Complex

A person who has a martyr complex, sometimes associated with the term victim complex, desires the feeling of being a martyr for their own sake, seeking out suffering or persecution because it either feeds a psychological need or a desire to avoid responsibility.

12. Theon “Reek” Greyjoy – Catalepsy

Catalepsy is a medical state that makes a person of nervous nature and affects a person’s posture. After getting tormented by Ramsey, Theon turned out totally dormant, regardless of what happens in the surroundings all the time he feels anxiety inside.

Source: A Blog of Thrones

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